Meet Juvencio, an apprentice at the construction site in Linga Linga.

Juvencio Edmundo Marcelino is 17 years old and started with Project Vita as a apprentice at this project to Learn more about building and its process.

He was born in Linga Linga and have always lived here. He finished 7 grade and as theere isn’t a high school near by to continue studying he didn’t continue.

One day he wants to become a builder and this is a perfect way to learn new skills. By getting practical training and working with the builder Branchino he will with this project learn the basics knowledge in this area.

Tomorrow he will be able to get some more knowledge and one day he will be able to build by himself and teach others. 

Knowledge sharing is very important to improve a society and transfer of knowledge to the next generation is the key in development.

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