Shipping cost and more

Standard shipping costs:

Sweden: Free shipping DB Schenker ombud

EU: Free shipping UPS Access Point

Great Britain: Free delivery UPS Access Point

Norway: 200 SEK (≈ 190 NOK) Home delivery

Switzerland, Åland and Iceland: 350 SEK (≈ 34 EUR) UPS Home Delivery

USA & Canada: 500 SEK (≈ 55 $) UPS Express Home delivery

Rest of the world: 800 SEK (≈ 85 $) UPS Express Home delivery


More shipping options available at checkout.

Please note that local taxes and custom fee may apply to orders outside EU


Unclaimed Packages:

All packages need to be picked up within 10-14 days (depending on the country) after delivery to the Access Point. Unclaimed package is not an approved return and all extra handling cost and return shipping cost will Ten Points AB Webshop charge you. The handling charges is normally between 10-20 EUR (100-200 SEK) and the shipping is from 9.50 EUR (79 SEK). Deviations may occur.