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  • Local charity

    Hi, We continue our charity work. Apart from the environment, one of our biggest heart issues is of course the health of children. Therefore we try to support and help organizations that work towards and fight for children’s well being based on UN`S Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) T... Beitrag anzeigen
  • Iceland retailers visit

    Hi,  At the end of november we visited Iceland and one of our retailer, the lovely Apríl Skór. They just opened their second store and we wanted to congratulate them IRL. It is extra fun because they love Ten Points shoes and boots almost as much as we do 🤍 Have a great day! Hope to see you soon... Beitrag anzeigen
  • LIVE-Shopping

    Hi, We are now working with Live-shoppings on our webshop. You find them under the mainmeny "LIVE-shopping" Our LIVES will be promoted in advance so you can always add them to your calender and will not risk missing them. It will be short shows, maximum 20 minuts and you can always look at them ... Beitrag anzeigen

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