Shoe care


Shoe care is very important and we are recommending a 4 step guide for taking care of your shoes. A regular shoe care is one of the best long term investments. 

STEP 1 - Clean

Clean the shoes and remove any kind of dirt with a brush, cloth or a foam cleaner. We recommend to use product Cleanser Eco-friendly

STEP 2 - Care

Now its time to refresh and nourish using a gentle and suitable leather cream for the type of material the shoes are made of. For our vegetable tanned or brushed leathers we recommend the Leather cream Eco-friendly. For suede or nubuck we recommend the Suede Renovator Eco friendly.

STEP 3 - Protect

After polishing we need to add some protection against rain, dirt etc. We recommend the water based Waterproofer. 

STEP 4 - Refresh

Finally we add some love for the inside with the Refresher Eco Friendly that will neutralise and refresh all materials.  

* Always follow the recommendations and instructions on labels.