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Cleaning Formula-Friendly Shoe care — N/A

  • 140 SEK

The first step, and very important, in shoe care is to clean the shoes . Here is a lathering cleanser. Effective against ingrained dirt and salt stains. Maintains the properties of the leather. Developed for minimum environmental impact. . Water-based formulation marked with Good Environmental Choice. Labeled with the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation (SSNC) and their eco-label "Good Environmental Choice" This is step 1 in the shoe care ritual. Size: 120 ML - Made in USA - Table of Contents: Water, proprietary plant based surfactant and fragrance. Coconut & Jojoba Oils. Lanolin. Perfume - waterbased natural fragrance - plant based (lemon peel). Ultraviolet brightener.


Customer Reviews

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Great product! Why didn't I get it sooner?!

I tried the cleaning product for the first time on my Pandoras after walking around in wintry salty/snowy conditions for a week. All I can say is wow!! The product smelled a bit stronger than I expected but not overly harsh, and it really cleaned up my boots without much effort. I applied the foam to a slightly damp soft-bristle brush, gave them a nice foamy scrub, and then rinsed. They already look as great as new - once they are dry I will also apply the Care product :)

Many thanks Maya, you made my day!
Shoe care is so important and it doesn´t need to be more difficult than this and the products we sell are all very easy to work with. The facts of today is that shoes that are cared for last longer. So you will enjoy your Pandora for long time.
Best Regards Ten Points