Charity project

  • The finish line is within reach

    We have almost reach the finished line of this beautiful project.   The painter Sérgio has now finished painting all the rooms for the nurses. And it has become so beautiful. It´s such a big upgrade compare to the houses they had before.   Since we are trying to hire local labour, the person who ... View Post
  • Look how great the houses are!

    The great work has continued and the house are soon finished but their are some final touches of beauty left. First is the painting of the house, then the electrical part and last planting of some nice plants:)   Sergio has painted all of Our partner project Vita’s infrastructures and will also p... View Post
  • Soon the houses will be finished

    Last week´s update down from Linga Linga: The house for the nurses are soon finished. The last weeks we’ve been working on the finishing on the house, woodwork and the floor. We have had some obstacles because lack of transports for the stones. As there isn’t a road to the old school it has been ... View Post

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