Soon the houses will be finished

Last week´s update down from Linga Linga:

The houses for the nurses are soon finished. The last weeks we’ve been working on the finishing on the house, woodwork and the floor. We have had some obstacles because lack of transports for the stones. As their isn’t a road to the old school it has been difficult to get the tonnes of stones needed for the floor. Luckily for us Amat in the next village runs a transport business using bulls and could get it for us.

As sustainability is very important for us we try to recycle as much material we can. The stones comes from Linga Lingas old school that have been destroyed.  we have been using hammers and picks to destroy the old walls and make it to smaller stones. A beautiful way to reuse and give purpose back to something that has been forgotten.

We wish you all a nice week!


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With lots of love

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